We at UTD Watersports Monterey Bay, take a different approach to teaching scuba divers, and to the way in which we think divers should approach our sport in general.  We have found that students who are given the respect and expectation to challenge themselves from the very first day they climb into the water, become not just certified divers; they become “Thinking Divers”!  By pushing further during diver training, UTD Thinking Divers are more confident and comfortable diving. This in turn makes them have more FUN! They understand why they are doing what they do. This knowledge allows them to THINK as they continue this amazing process that we have grown to love… The process of becoming a Thinking Diver. Stepping into the undersea world that so very few people are lucky enough enjoy is a privilege. This privilege carries responsibility to the environment. UTD students learn how to be Ocean Friendly. They pledge to protect the very place in which they play. 

What is a UTD Scuba Diver? 

UTD divers are not "follow me" divers. Starting on day one, we spend a great deal of energy and time developing our student’s in-water skills. UTD students will enjoy more training dives in open water class than most scuba courses offered elsewhere, because we have placed a high value on a basic learning tenant that states : we as adult learners remember best the thing which we are taught first. We do it all at a competitive price , because we want you to be a comfortable, confident and safe diver during every level of your UTD scuba diving journey you undertake. 

What we do

At UTD Watersports Monterey Bay, we provide our regional customers with an exclusive hands on retail experience. We offer UTD education, equipment and will bring to our community adventures in a wide variety of water sports activities including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Free-diving, Marine Science Kids Camps, ZUBA (surface supported underwater exploration), Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayak Scuba diving. Each UTD Watersports Retail Store is independently owned and operated however as owners of UTD Watersports Monterey Dan Walters and David Parker are backed by the entire world wide UTD community of UTD instructors and divers. This family has been heavily vetted, trained and coached to ensure they provide UTD customers with the highest quality UTD education, equipment and unmatched service that Thinking Divers have come to expect.