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Welcome to UTD Watersports Monterey Bay

We at UTD Watersports Monterey Bay, take a different approach to teaching scuba divers, and to the way in which we think divers should approach our sport in general.  We have found that students who are given the respect and expectation to challenge themselves from the very first day they climb into the water, become not just certified divers; they become “Thinking Divers”!  By pushing further during diver training, UTD Thinking Divers are more confident and comfortable diving. This in turn makes them have more FUN! They understand why they are doing what they do. This knowledge allows them to THINK as they continue this amazing process that we have grown to love… The process of becoming a Thinking Diver. Stepping into the undersea world that so very few people are lucky enough enjoy is a privilege. This privilege carries responsibility to the environment. UTD students learn how to be Ocean Friendly. They pledge to protect the very place in which they play.

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