Big Sur 2015

Big Sur 2015

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UTD Watersports Monterey Bay at UTD Watersports (Watersports Monterey Bay)
Company: UTD Watersports

Instructor: David Parker

Big Sur 2015

By: UTD Watersports Monterey Bay at UTD Watersports (Watersports Monterey Bay)
Instructor: David Parker
Region: United States
Where: Vision Boat Dock Moro Bay, CA
When: 19 Jun 2015 03:00-AM to 21 Jun 2015 01:00-AM
Remaining Tickets: 2

19 Jun 2015 03:00 - 21 Jun 2015 01:00
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Dive the Big Sur Coast aboard the Vision! Join us aboard Truth Aquatics Vision dive boat for 3 special days of diving the raw and largely undiscovered coast of Big Sur. The Vision is the queen of the Channel Island live-aboard dive boats and is making a special trip up to the Big Sur coast for us. She is spacious and comfortable; her crew caters to your every desire. The dive deck is well thought out and entry to and from the ocean is so easy. The galley serves great hot meals and continuous snacks and beverages. Below decks are drying rooms for your dive suit and comfortable berthing and hot showers. The Vision is the standard by which all others are measured! Big Sur Diving Diving Big Sur diving is raw and unspoiled largely because it’s simply too difficult to get to. Shore diving involves a long and strenuous hike down steep cliffs and long drive times to get there. Unlike other dive trips with Truth Aquatics & UTD Monterey Bay, this one departs from the sleepy fishing town of Morro Bay. The boat departs at 3 AM, and after some traveling divers wake up to a view of the pristine Santa Lucia Mountains with large cliff faces plunging into the blue pacific waters. This coastline is unlike any scene at the offshore Channel Islands. Coastal Redwoods, Santa Lucia Fir, Monterey Pine, and broad-leaved trees such as the Tan oak, Coast Live Oak, and California Bay Laurel are scattered along the mountain ridges. Jagged rocks lie off the coast just waiting to be dove and explored. This trip is for the adventurous scuba diver who is mentally and physically prepared to explore this untouched diving wonder. You should be an Advanced level scuba diver as conditions can include currents, deep water and the need to enter and exit the boat quickly. Seas can be big and rough or flat as a pancake; however every year has yielded yet another new spot that continues to impress the most discriminating diver. If you are willing to take a chance with Mother Nature, then you can be one of the lucky divers to find a new and exciting dive location to put into the log book. In the event that conditions are unsuitable for diving, then the Vision will take us to the Channel Islands out of Santa Barbara.

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